Although it’s definitely disappointing not to be with any of the grandchildren this Thanksgiving, I decided to share a little pre-holiday fun with them in a Zoom crafting session.

Leafing through my November issue of Southern Living magazine, I came across a perfect Thanksgiving project for the kids – turkey place cards for the holiday table! Not that place cards are an essential item, but I thought it would be nice to have a common thread present at our family Thanksgiving tables. Something we made together. #TogetherApart

Grandsons Henry (6 1/2) and Max (4) live 2,400 miles away in the Seattle area, and we haven’t seen them since last Christmas when they visited us here in Madison, Indiana. Since Covid-19 appeared in the spring, plans of visiting them have become dim and dimmer. Grandchildren Bridget (8), Shay (6 1/2) and Erin (5 months) live 120 miles north in Fishers, Indiana, and although we’ve been fortunate to spend time with them over the summer, in person school and increased Covid cases have put an end to that. FaceTime calls are fine, but we really need something more. We need shared experiences. #TurkeyTime

So, Thanksgiving place cards Zoom crafting classes have happened! I made packets and shipped baggies of turkey parts (LOL) to each family, with instructions to cut out the tail feathers, beaks and wattles before we started our sessions. Here’s how the Seattle and Fishers Zoom turkey making sessions came together.

I’m sure I could fill a bag with my own spent wine corks in pretty short order… but I chose to purchase a bag of 15 from Hobby Lobby since I needed a total of 11 for all three families. (Maybe I should start saving corks for a future project? #GoodExcuseToDrinkWine) I also purchased the colored card stock and small black beads there.

Setting up for Zoom crafting with Henry and Max
Henry & Max showing Mama their turkeys

I made a turkey for Ken (Papa) with Henry and Max, and for me (Mama) with Bridget and Shay. Both Moms manned the hot glue guns. Each child made their turkey place card (except for Baby Erin), and they or their parents made ones for the adults.

Bridge and Shay showing Mama their turkeys
Bridget & Shay’s mother, Valerie put her own spin on the turkeys. She had a “girls craft session” with Bridget and Baby Erin to sponge paint the tail feathers and make legs for their turkeys!

We had a blast! The first of what all the kiddos said will NOT be the last Zoom project we do together. We’re all in with ideas for virtual togetherness activities – crafting, cooking, reading – and who knows what else. Some will be with all grandkids in one session, others will be like this first one, one family at a time with Mama or Papa. Covid-19 may be keeping us physically apart for now, but we’re committed to keep playing together one way or another!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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