Meet Sally

My name is Sally; a baby boomer living in Madison, Indiana, married to my high school sweetheart, mother to two grown children, and grandmother to five. With a big nudge during the pandemic, I pulled the plug and retired in 2021. I was so ready! As “R&D” (renovation and downsizing) had loomed large in 2018, family and friends were asking, “What did Sally do today?” and “When are you going to start a blog?” I truly believe that we all have something to say, and it was a perfect time to give a blog a try and learn something new. Fast forward to today, and you’ll find me loving retirement and celebrating life with my Sally’s View blog.

You could safely say I have “a wide set of interests”… I am a serial historic home renovator having just completed my third adventure, a 1876 restoration project. I’m a former dental hygienist and an accomplished entrepreneur; from a bed and breakfast featured in the former Colonial Homes Magazine to interior design and tourism marketing and development strategy. I’m a master gardener and relentless crafter of grandchild activities, seasonal decor, meal leftovers, and unique travel itineraries for both local small towns and dreamy European adventures. I am the family archivist; leveraging online resources to accomplish more research and discovery in the last decade than in the previous 3 decades combined. I am also a skilled scavenger; you have only to release me inside of a TJ Maxx and you will see what I mean. And while I try – like all of us – to take care of myself, I’d probably be just as happy as a brain in a jar. (Kidding!)

I think one thing that makes my journey unique is that all of my interests are driven by a joyful and genuine curiosity. I delight in finding less expensive ways to make something or creative ways to enjoy something longer. Finding and creating joy – and sharing it – is core to who I am. Sometimes, the term ‘rose colored glasses’ can be perceived as seeing something as better than it actually is, but I have always felt that it is about choosing optimism and looking for the good in our life and abilities. I have always been intentional about selecting rose colored lenses for my own life, and I’d love to share them with you too. I hope you enjoy the view.

If you would like to read more about me and my life, I’ve captured the highlights in My Backstory. I’d love to hear from you and hope you comment on my posts and reach out to me anytime at


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