Every child wants Santa to know what they really want for Christmas, and they hope he’ll receive their list in time to grant their wishes. If you want those letters to Santa Claus answered, send them to Santa Claus Post Office in Santa Claus, Indiana!

The USPS official office in Santa Claus, Indiana

Santa’s Elves, Inc. non-profit organization, and the local Santa Claus Museum in Santa Claus, work with volunteers to answer all the letters received at the post office during the holidays. The mailing address for the Santa Claus Post Office in Santa Claus, Indiana is 45 North Kringle Place Santa Claus, IN 47579. Last year the two grandchildren visiting from the Indianapolis area during Thanksgiving wrote letters to Santa and were bowled over when they got letters back!

How lucky I was this year to have my two west coast grandchildren stay over a few days after Thanksgiving. The boys, 4 ½ and 2 ½, are full of wonder as all children that age. With Christmas just around the corner, and only a couple of days to share the magic of the season with them, we decided to focus on writing letters to Santa and enjoying hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. I wonder how many letters Indiana’s Santa Claus Post Office receives from children living in the state of Washington?

We set up our letter writing project in my craft room. Warning: this is not a fancy or well-kept area, but a corner of the mechanical room where “we make stuff.” No studio feel, here! The grandkids love this room – probably because making a mess in there is expected…

The project went so quickly, my daughter and I were a blur. We set out the hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies, two cute mugs my cousin Julie gave me last Christmas, a snowman teapot flea market find, and crayons to keep the boys entertained between activities.

She helped each boy with his Christmas wish list while I drew “mittens” around their hands on the front of their notes. We added their names inside the mittens so Santa would know right away whose letter he’d received. 🙂

Then while the boys had their treats, I wrote their letters for them, asking each one exactly what they wanted to say. My daughter & I chuckled when each said they “tried” to be good, and we were awfully proud when they thanked him for visiting them.


After I addressed each envelope, the boys selected a stamp from the strip of Sparkling Holidays Forever® Stamps from the United States Post Office. Adorable – and perfect for a letter to Santa!IMG_3805~photoIMG_3876~photo

The next morning, each boy put his letter in our mailbox.

Before they left for the airport a few hours later, they went back to the mailbox and found the flag was down. “You’ve got mail! And our letters are on their way to Santa!!” Now I wait for the FaceTime call to find out what Santa wrote back!

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