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On the Trail of Kentucky Bourbon

Like scotch to Scotland, bourbon is America’s spirit. And the heart and soul of that spirit lives in Kentucky. This Labor Day Weekend we ventured back to the bluegrass distilleries with friends visiting from Manhattan and San Francisco and we a wonderful day of Kentucky bourbon tastings and tours.

Food Recipes

A Quick Summer BBQ with a Korean Twist

Take a break from the burgers, brats & dogs. Ready-to-grill marinated beef from the freezer, plus a couple of fast & easy stove top sides, make for a quick and delicious summer meal. Every now and then I’ll spot some super-thin (1/4 inch thick) sliced rib eye steak in the meat case of my local …


A Hunk, a Hunk of Freezin’ Love

True confession. I have three freezers. One in the kitchen frig, an upright in the basement, and one in the garage “beer frig.” Clearly, more is better in my culinary mind. To go with that, I might as well admit that I also use (and update) a freezer inventory. And to be perfectly honest, I …